Our Products

We take pride in creating products that bring value to both businesses and consumers.


A powerful social media management platform replete with essential features like a mosaic dashboard, scheduled post automation and analytics.


A complete toolbox of project management features in a single minimal dashboard.


A powerful social media dashboard replete with essential features including scheduled post automation.

Beat Mango

Artificial intelligence driven, music production platform that allows users to create beats with the help of Mango our Ai maestro.


Increase your exposure on social media with our influencer network of paid followers and traffic. Be famous without the drama.


The trivia index. Search for questions, answers, and more within the IKD (irrelevant knowledge database). Create quizzes, riddles, and questions in seconds with our generators.


Media streaming service showcasing free, high quality television programming. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Fitness communication platform with nifty note taking, food logging, goal setting, and health data tracking. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Media streaming service showcasing high quality auditions, improv skits, and theatrical performances. Available for iOS and Android devices.

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